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Queen Elisabeth in Abu Dhabi

Queen Elizabeth II with an UAE official at Shaikh Zayed Mosque in the capital.
Dubai : As Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip landed in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday on their first state visit to the federation since 1979, London-based pressure groups have urged the monarch to highlight the increasing number of British investors jailed in the UAE for financial crimes.

UK figures show 59 Britons are in Dubai jails, 70 per cent of whom are behind bars due to financial crimes such as bouncing cheques, said the lobby group Fair Trials International and Prisoners Abroad.

"We have noticed a marked increase in the number of UAE cases and, in particular, the proportion of Britons detained for financial crimes, representing 70 per cent of cases," the group's letter published in the British media said.

The Financial Times reported that a "similar number" of Britons are unable to leave the emirate pending resolution of legal issues. Most of the estimated 120,000 British citizens in the UAE live in Dubai.

Meanwhile, during her visit, the Queen is expected to unveil the design of the new Shaikh Zayed Museum, designed by British architects Foster and Partners, to be built on Saadiyat Island jointly with the British Museum.

The Queen will fly to Oman on Thursday.
fonte/ Gulf News

Shaikha Latifa Al Maktoum, the champion.

foto/UAE Interact.
Guangzhou: Shaikha Latifa Al Maktoum won a second Asian Games medal in the equestrian jumping at the Guangzhou Equestrian Centre here on Wednesday.

Riding her favourite 1998-born stallion Kalaska De Semily, Shaikha Latifa jumped an impeccable two rounds collecting no penalty points, and along with it the right to challenge the Saudi Arabian pair of Prince Khalid Abdul Aziz Al Eid and Ramzi Hamad Al Duhaimi in the jump-offs to decide the final medalists.

In the jump-off, Shaikha Latifa went through the 10-hurdle course meticulously without knocking off any hurdle - the same as Ramzi Hamad Al Duhaimi.

However, the gold went to the Saudi challenger as he completed the course in 48.53secs, a mere 0.15secs faster than the UAE rider's 48.68secs.

This was Shaikha Latifa’s second silver medal at the 16th Asian Games following her team silver in the same event along with younger brother Shaikh Rashid, Shaikh Majid Bin Abdullah Al Qasimi and Ahmad Al Junaibi, on Monday.

She has also claimed a team bronze in the same event at the 2006 Doha Asian Games.
Latifa is the third daughter of the first - Minister of UAE Mohammed bin Hasid Al Maktoum.

fonte/ Gulf News.

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Giselle Bundchen the new star of Balenciaga

Giselle Bundchen is the new star of Balenciaga, has signed up to be the star of a campaign for spring-summer collection 2011.

Spring 2011 collections - style and simplicity

( fonte/Style.com
Chanel Spring 2011.The 2011 spring collections of Chanel, Valentino and Armani keeps the feminine silhouette taking elements of style and simplicity. Although the recession striding walk the fashion world and will stand in front.

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Brian Lenihan, Ireland's finance minister, will discuss the situation Economic Crisis in Ireland .

Fonte : The Guardian
An increasingly isolated Irish government was coming under mounting pressure tonight to seek an EU or International Monetary Fund bailout within 24 hours amid fears that contagion from its crippled banking sector might spread through the weaker eurozone countries.

Portugal, Spain, the European central bank and opposition parties urged Brian Cowen's coalition government to remove the threat of a second crisis in six months by putting a firewall between Ireland and its 15 partners in the single currency.

With finance ministers from the eurozone due to hold emergency talks tomorrow night, financial markets were expecting Dublin to finalise negotiations with the EU over the terms of a deal to allow Ireland to rescue banks laid low by the collapse of the country's construction boom.

"The Irish problem is spreading, but it could get more volatile," said Ashok Shah, chief investment officer at London Capital, a fund management firm. "They have to get this bailout, they have a period of time before it gets impossible, before nasty things happen. The longer they leave it, the more difficult it will get."

Portugal has seen its borrowing costs rocket along with Ireland's as speculation has grown that it too may have to consider a bailout. Its finance minister, Fernando Teixeira dos Santos, told the Wall Street Journal his country had been hit by a contagion effect caused by fears about Ireland's ability to pay its debts.

"I would not want to lecture the Irish government on that," he said. "I want to believe they will decide to do what is most appropriate for Ireland and the euro. I want to believe they have the vision to take the right decision."

The Bank of Spain governor, Miguel Ángel Fernández Ordóñez, a member of the European Central Bank's governing council, told a banking conference in Madrid he expected an "appropriate reaction" by Ireland to calm the markets. He later told reporters: "The situation in the markets has been negative due in some part to the lack of a decision by Ireland. It's not up to me to make a decision on Ireland, it's Ireland that should take the decision at the right moment." Ewald Nowotny, another ECB governing council member, said in a radio interview the EU wanted a "quick, good solution to Ireland, so that there will be no spillover" to other heavily indebted countries such as Portugal and Spain.

Weekend reports that Ireland was holding bailout talks with the EU helped ease pressure on Irish borrowing costs today, with the yield on benchmark 10-year Irish bonds easing to 8.1% from a peak of over 9% last week. The premium that investors demand to hold Irish 10-year bonds over benchmark German bunds (known as the spread) also fell to 545 basis points, down from a record 652 basis points last Thursday.

Analysts warned, however, that the selling would quickly resume if Ireland tried to go it alone. "The expectation of a bailout for Ireland helped its spreads to recover from last week's capitulation," said Gavan Nolan, a credit analyst at Markit. "It's good to talk." Despite Ireland's insistence that it doesn't need to be rescued, investors say the country needs support, given the fragility of its moribund banking system, and the high borrowing costs limiting the capacity of companies to raise funds.

Ireland's Europe minister, Dick Roche, said rumours that it was on the verge of seeking a bailout could be "very, very dangerous".

He conceded: "There is continuous talk going on backwards and forwards about the level of our debt but the suggestion that that constitutes going to the IMF or the bailout is just irresponsible." Ireland's opposition finance spokesman, Michael Noonan, said he believed European intervention was "under way" and matters would come to a head within 24 hours. The government, he said, was "fighting a rearguard action for appearances purposes".

Noonan said a bailout could lead to Ireland being suspended from the bond markets for three or four years.

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King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa meets UAE president

fonte:Bahrein News.
Al Ain, Nov. 11. (BNA) His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, who is currently visiting the UAE, today met the UAE President Shaikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan at Al Rodah Palace, in the presence of Abu Dhabi Crown Prince and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces General Shaikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan.
During the meeting, the outstanding brotherly Bahraini-UAE relations, as well as issues of mutual interest were reviewed.
The two leaders expressed satisfaction over the advanced level of bilateral ties at all levels thanks to the two countries' continuous cooperation and coordination for the joint interests of their peoples.
Then, HM King Hamad attended a lunch banquet hosted by the UAE President in HM's honour.
Present were Abu Dhabi Ruler's Representative in the Western Region Shaikh Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Abu Dhabi Ruler's Representative in the Eastern Region Shaikh Tahnoun bin Mohammed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Lt.
General Shaikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Zayed Foundation for Charity and Humanitarian Works Shaikh Nahyan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Premier and Presidency Affairs Minister Shaikh Mansoor bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Head of Abu Dhabi Crown Prince's Court Shaikh Hamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Member of Abu Dhabi Executive Council Dr.
Shaikh Sultan bin Khalifa Al Nahyan, HM King Hamad's sons, members of HM the King's accompanying delegation and a number of UAE dignitaries.

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President Lula is modernizing Latin America

President Lula is brilliant when it comes to development and modernization of Brazil and America Latina.Com President Alan Garcia of Peru embodiment of the unusual: a highway with 2600 km long, starting in Rio Branco, Acre, and will towards three Peruvian ports, San Juan, Matarani and Ilo. Amazon rainforest to the peaks of the Andes, contractors Andrade Gutierrez, Camargo Correa, Queiroz Galvao (a consortium) join efforts with the consortium formed by Conirsa (Odebrecht) and JJC ICCSA (Ingenieros Civiles Generales y Subcontractors S / A) second consortium, and give a pike on which work is to schedule in advance and possibly close before the deadline: 2010.
The president of the Federation of Industries of Acre, John Francis Solomon is excited about the number of queries from companies that want to settle in the state.
He may not know, but the Alpine and Andean solutions which Odebrecht (Conirsa) must be impenetrable when it comes to making cuts in the mountains and winding roads to minimize custos.A Conirsa 7 camps set up for their staff, with most of the Mazuko where over a thousand funcionários.O no lack of [is quality of life, which the master, Dr Norberto Obebrecht tirelessly preaches in his literary works (essential reading); leisure is essential in education for work. For this reason, all camps have wireless Internet, cable television, where they see the TV Globo and the novels (I say), games room, gym, sports court and cinema. The Conirsa is responsible for the passage that begins in Urcos near Cuzco and runs through Iñapari the border with Brazil (there are 6500 employees).
Soon Brazilian tourists will surely bathe in the waters of the Pacific

Catherine Deneuve em Bordeaux

Fonte/ Paris Match.
Avant-Premiére : the movie "Potiche"
A l’avant-première du film qu’elle est venue présenter à Lyon, un spectateur l’interpelle. « C’est gentil de vous être déplacée, ­madame Deneuve, mais j’aurais préféré voir Gérard Depardieu ! » Elle en rit encore. Elle adore rire. Lorsque, au dernier Festival de Cannes, elle pointe son nez à la soirée de « Vanity Fair », où sont réunis les plus grands noms de Hollywood, elle devient instantanément le centre de la soirée. « Ils doivent être étonnés de voir une vieille actrice française sortir de son placard ! » me dit-elle entre deux éclats de rire. Sa froideur blonde a longtemps mis une distance entre elle et le public. Irrésistible de drôlerie en bourge de province déjantée, à la dernière Mostra de Venise, après la projection de « Potiche », la salle lui fait une standing ovation. « Mastroianni la surnommait “la Prussienne”, me confie Gérard ­Depardieu.

Je trouve qu’il y a chez elle quelque chose d’aérien et de beau. On a souvent partagé nos larmes, et on se protège l’un l’autre. Catherine est pour moi une source permanente de bonheur. Je ne me permettrais jamais de la mettre dans une situation où elle risquerait d’être mal à l’aise. J’ai trop d’amour pour elle. C’est notre amour de la vie qui nous rapproche et qui fait que nous nous sommes aimés et que nous nous aimons ­encore. Si Sacha Guitry l’avait connue, il aurait écrit ses plus belles lignes. » Je me souviens, hier, quand nous ­attendions le Thalys pour Bruxelles, elle a commandé une bière légère, assise à la terrasse d’un café, gare du Nord, sa petite valise à côté d’elle. « La femme et l’actrice sont très proches, me dit François Ozon.

Catherine a une approche nerveuse
de la vie, elle a peur de la lenteur
Elle sait toujours exactement ce qu’elle veut. Dans son jeu comme dans la vie, elle ne triche jamais. En dehors du film, il nous arrive de parler d’amour. Elle n’a aucun préjugé, beaucoup de ­tolérance pour les amours difficiles. Elle dit d’ailleurs toujours qu’en amour il n’y a pas de règles et qu’il faut vivre toutes ses passions. » Elle se lève d’un bond, pour aller voir ce qui se passe. Les mains sur les hanches, elle scrute, ligne après ligne, le grand tableau d’affichage. Rien. Penaude, elle ­revient s’asseoir. « Si les gens la laissent sur son piédestal, me confie Thierry Klifa, tant pis pour eux. Le dernier jour du tournage de mon film “Les yeux de sa mère”, elle a décidé de faire un risotto au champagne pour toute l’équipe. Elle lançait la cuisson entre les prises. Et à 2 heures du matin, c’est elle qui faisait le ­service ! » Elle connaît le nom de toutes les fleurs. Hier, pour les Journées des plantes, elle est allée à Courson voir éclore le camélia ­Françoise-Dorléac, du nom de sa sœur disparue.

Elle connaît la boutique où on trouve les meilleures épices, le meilleur cordonnier, tous les petits bouges du quartier. Cinéphile, dès qu’elle a une heure ­devant elle, elle va au cinéma, pas en projection, mais dans une vraie salle, elle y tient, où elle fait la queue comme tout le monde. Lorsqu’elle a un problème avec quelqu’un, elle prend son téléphone et le règle elle-même. Invitée en direct sur une chaîne de télévision américaine, à la journaliste qui lui demande si ça ne la dérange pas de mettre encore de la fourrure, elle lui répond du tac au tac : « Et vous, ça ne vous dérange pas de vivre dans un pays où il y a encore la peine de mort ? » Le train est enfin annoncé. Elle enfile son ­blouson et se dirige d’un pas ­rapide vers son wagon, en fumant discrètement une dernière cigarette. Elle avait arrêté de fumer pendant dix ans, elle a repris bêtement.

Elle fume trop, elle le sait. Elle a ­emporté comme toujours, dans l’espoir de les lire, des tas de magazines « en retard », selon son expression, le « Libé » de la veille, qu’elle n’a pas encore terminé, et deux scripts. Très ancrée dans la réalité du quotidien, elle fait toujours passer la vie avant le ­cinéma. Elle préfère de loin aller au Salon de l’agriculture que dans les ­dîners parisiens. Elle n’est ­jamais où on l’attend. « Catherine a une personnalité hors normes, me confie son ami et agent, Bertrand de Labbé. Comme Hallyday, ­Depardieu ou Piaf, elle fait partie de ces gens qui ont le cœur qui bat plus fort et plus vite que la moyenne d’entre nous. Elle fait un métier où elle ­dépend du désir des autres. Elle pourrait être une femme soumise, mais elle ne l’a jamais été. Elle a transcendé le problème de l’âge mieux que la plupart des actrices, car elle a eu l’intelligence de toujours le devancer. Tout est centré sur elle, pourtant elle ne cesse d’envoyer de la lumière à ceux qu’elle aime. » Toujours pressée, elle oublie systématiquement quelque chose derrière elle.

Ce qu’elle ne sait pas encore, c’est qu’en faisant sa valise ce ­matin elle a oublié de prendre la robe qu’elle doit porter pour la ­cérémonie et ses bigoudis chauffants. Hier, c’était son stylo préféré chez le ­coloriste Christophe Robin ; ­aujourd’hui, son chargeur de téléphone qu’elle est sûre et certaine d’avoir laissé dans la salle de bains de l’hôtel de Bordeaux. Branle-bas de combat. Il est dans sa poche ! En le cherchant, les femmes de chambre ont retrouvé, sur son lit, un collier et sa trousse de maquillage. « Catherine a peur de la lenteur, de tout ce qui pourrait l’enliser, me confie le metteur en scène Benoît Jacquot. Elle a une approche ­nerveuse de la vie. Il y a chez elle quelque chose d’instantané, de très entier, de presque fruste. Dès lors qu’elle a décidé de larguer les amarres, elle y va. Mais, dans le fond, c’est une anxieuse toujours au bord du gouffre. On la dit autoritaire, je pense simplement que l’idée de changer d’avis l’angoisse. (Dany Jucaud par Paris Match).

Go Where Bahia agora é Let’s Go Bahia

Depois do sucesso de dois anos da Go Where Bahia, a publicação , a partir de sua 11º edição surge uma nova marca, a Let’s Go Bahia. Com a Let’s Go a revista

busca a nacionalização de um projeto de sucesso, agora chegará a todo Brasil.

Essa nova etapa com um novo título, forte e marcante, busca pontuar o momento de melhorias em uma revista que já é um sucesso, como diz o slogan: “O que era bom ficou melhor ainda”. Nesta nova fase também chega ao mercado a Let’s Go Pernanbuco, que em dezembro entra em circulação.

A primeira edição da Let’s Go Bahia traz na capa o cantor Durval Lelys, que além de ser um dos principais nomes do nosso carnaval, também é um empresário bem sucedido, com projetos nas áreas de entretenimento, moda e arquitetura.